Most people are familiar with rigid tape.  It’s good for ankles (netball, football and rugby), and for shoulders in contact sports (football and rugby) but most people and athletes find that rigid tape is too stiff and restrictive.  Rocktape is quickly becoming the preferred tape used for many applications commonly worn by AFL and rugby players

Key benefits of using Rocktape

  1. Decrease pain – lift the skin and take the pressure off the nerve endings which are compressed.
  2. Reduce swelling – increase circulation to further reduce the pressure on the compressed nerve endings.
  3. Allows full range of movement – functional support as opposed to rigid support.
  4. Hypoallergenic – acrylic adhesive instead of a zinc oxide adhesive.
  5. Water resistant - can be worn in the shower and be left on for up to 5 days.

Key symptoms that rugny athletes might find that Rocktape is applicable for include

  1. Muscle pain or cramping
  2. Knee pain
  3. Shoulder pain
  4. Inflammation or bruising
  5. Zinc oxide allergies

The different colours or patterns are purely for fashion purposes, with the bright colours for those who want to stand out.

There are 30 Youtube videos for different applications on